Hello world!

imageThis is my first post 😁 and I’m super excited like seriously!!! I had this interest in blogging for quite some time now but just havnt really taken the time to sit down and put my thoughts and experiences into a pulish-worthy format.

Anyhoo! I decided to open this blog about natural hair (especially kinky hair type), showing you fellow kinky haired naturalistas how to love your natural texture and style it as kinky hair is still the most versatile amongst all hair types, YES! I said it, because its true! Lol. I think blogging is an interesting way to chronicles one’s viewpoint. Its a way to share whats important to you, your creative side, what you hope to become better at, and even your weaknesses.

I’m a Nigerian, been natural for 2 Years. My firsg Big Chop was in (December,2013) and Second Big Chop (March, 2016), I have 4C kinky hair and its beautiful, I love her(Ellie), you should also love yours and learn to be creative in styling, its Fun! 

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 Stay Blessed!



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21 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Adebola

    This is lovely and interesting. I will watch out for future posts.


  2. Liz

    OMGGGGGG YASSSSS can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!! Follow mine Sweetsurvet.wordpress.com


  3. Someone has got a blog. Well done. Would be stalking ur blog for hair styling tips nd more. welcome to the blogging world Ellen and Ellie lol. *wink*

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  4. Genny

    Wow your hair is just a year and 3months, it look so healthy and full. I wonder what I am not doing right with my hair *sad* I transitioned for 10months and I just BC last month. My hair is breaking seriously especially the edges. I do almost everything. I deep condition, I moisturize and seal with oil. I recently changed to another product (AS I AM), I pray it helps. Also my hair is so coarse. I think my hair ain’t growing and isn’t growing. Please any tip from you will help because I am thinking of perming my hair. PS: I follow your channel

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    • Aww sorry about that Genny, have you added tea rinse, hot oil treatments to your hair care?? It works great dear. Reduces shedding and improves strength if your hair strands. Also try to stop doing tight hair styles that pull on the edges thats if you do them. You can apply jamaican black castor oil to your edges it helps grow back thin edges. Thanks for commenting and following my channel. Let me know what your result is after a month. πŸ˜€


  5. Genny

    Thanks a lot for your response. I once tried hot oil treatment, lol and the oil was too hot for my scalp, maybe I did it wrongly. On the tea rinse, what type of tea and what is the procedure for the tea rinse? I’d love to try it. I


    • Hi . Sorry about that , you should test the oil behind ur palm to know if too hot, you must have heated it too much. Well for tea rinse u can use green or black tea e.g lipton tea.
      Procedure. Brew one bag of tea to one cup of water, allow to cool completely. After washing and rinsing ur hair you pour the tea onit and allow to drain from ur hair, squeeze gently and allow to sit for 15mins den ur deep condition or condition after.


  6. Genny

    Thanks a lot. I appreciate.


  7. Titilayo

    pls can you make a post on how you dyed your hair and maintained it….I tried dying the tips of my natural hair but it ended up breaking

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  8. nafisah

    You are so pretty and you hair is amazing. I can’t wait to see more posts from you.


  9. tosin

    I love your blog. i will be patiently waiting to learn from you Ellen.


  10. Okay now I know your name πŸ™‚ Hello Ellen. Please how can I determine my hair type? I know it has high porosity because I read somewhere about testing strands of my hair in water to see if it sinks or float. My strands sank…that’s how I knew it easily absorbs moisture but don’t know what the hair type is about. How can I determine that please? I’m trying to learn as much as I can about caring for my hair.


    • Hi oyin! Well to know your hair type you need to apply water to your hair so it takes its natural curl pattern, without any other product init. Snip about 3 strands with a scissors at the root (make sure ur hair is about 4 inches long) then you compare with the hair typing chart. You can google to find the natural hair type chart to compare and know. Also you can have more than one hair type on your head


  11. Noma

    Lovely hair Ellen! Please what’s your current hair length? I’m 2 years and 4 months natural and my hair length is 9-10″. Is this OK? Thanks for your deep conditioning and African threading post, twas really helpful.


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