The Curly Puff/Updo (With Perm Rods)

Hello my coily Friends, hope your having a great day?! Im sure you all are. Well i’ll be showing you this simple method I used to curl up and Style my “curly Puff” (Warning: Lots of pictures below) ☺️


To start with, I had an old Twist-out on before, and I already used curling cream for the twist-out ( Cantu with shea butter twist&Lock Gel) , so I didnt have to use any curling cream whatsoever this time (if your starting on clean hair or you have thick hair please use curling cream). I just used my leave in conditioner (kinky curly knot today leave in) just a dime all over my hair and i sprayed little water to soften my hair a little and detangle it.

Old Twist-out

 Dampened  her out with little water, applied my leave-in conditioner and finger detangled then used a wide tooth comb. 

spray bottle with water, she was thirsty


all detangled and combed out

  I used 2 long strands of wool as my hair band to secure the puff, some people use shoe lace too, depends on what you like. Basically you just tie it round your hair (not too tight please) and knot it to secure the puff.   

all done , puff secured ready to curl

  I used perm Rods to Curl her up (you can do bantu Knots also or use flexi rods AKA bendy rollers if you dont have perm rods, will make a post on that later 😊) you will get the same curl pattern.

uncle Perm rods(white and blue)

  Section out a piece, spray little water, detangle with wide tooth comb and wrap it round the perm rods then secure it with that stuff, whats it called though???😨 Lets call it a Stopper!! 😊


secure with the stopper lol


all curled up


I Secured just that part of the hair (lets call it brush) with a small scarf so it doesnt get rough while sleeping and also helps to flatten any puffy side


after I Secured the whole hair with my satin scarf

😴😮slept peacefully, took the rods out The next morning and Seperated for fullness (seperated One into 4 parts)


After Separating and Fluffing……….. BOOM!!! Curls Everywhere. 😄😍

Wanted to add an accessory but that color was enough 😁😄😉   






Hope you guys enjoyed this picture-ful tutorial lol, please let me know your view in the comments. 😚
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Thanks! Stay Blessed!😘



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44 responses to “The Curly Puff/Updo (With Perm Rods)


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    kinkynigeriancurls posted: “Hello my coily Friends, hope your having a great day?! Im sure you all are. Well i’ll be showing you this simple method I used to curl up and Style my “curly Puff” (Warning: Lots of pictures below) ☺️   To start with, I had an old Twist-out”


  2. ebele

    Lovely…wondering how it will look on my super short maximally shrinking 4c hair☺☺☺


  3. Dinma Orabs

    Me love them curls like kilode…Trying it out soon.Thanks for the pictorial


  4. Edidiong Akpanette

    Very nice n well done. Will definitely try this by weekend when i loosen my protective style. N will rock it for a week for my hair to take a break from long term protective styles.


  5. gsparkles

    I love it…cant wait to try them out..


  6. Lol the “stopper” isnt that bobby pin?


  7. Oh. Okay. Lets call it stopper then. Lol


  8. Ijelenwanyi

    Wow, I love ur hair especially the hair colour. I wish you are in lagos, u wold hv help me look at my hair and advice me on wht to do…*sadface*.


    • Aw thanks dear for the complements .. Aww sorry dear.. Hmm whats wrong with your hair??


      • Ijelenwanyi

        Well, let’s say am tryin to groom it, I did my big chop this year January 5th after transiting for 5months, but the only problem am facing now is my front hair though it has started growing (thanks to u and ur bbm channel). I can’t do any style on my natural hair cos of the edges, but am being patient and consistent wit it.i believe in six months time I can be able to style it like urs witout bein ashamed of my front edges..lolz.. keep up the good work dear. I love you.


      • Aww sorry about your edges dear. In less than six months she will grow back and please when she does, don’t do tight styles that pull, or dont brush is all the time. Treat her with TLC Like a baby cus edges are weak im nature.. What products are you using to grow your edges back?? 😘


      • Ijelenwanyi

        Thanks dear, I will get them. God bless you.


    • Ijelenwanyi

      Thank dear, am using coconut oil and tea tree oil…. if u have any suggestion I won’t mind…#smile#


  9. Tayo

    Wow, gorgeous. N dat color is popping. Definitely trying this after I take out my kinky braids


  10. Thank God, I now av a style for tomorrow. Hehehe


  11. Olajumoke Odediran

    Nice… I tried out the bantu knots on my transitioning hair. Plaited the back upwards and curled up the front. Can’t seem to start a chat on your bbm channel. Would have sent you a picture of how it turned out.

    Thanks for the encouragement.


  12. Ademide

    This is so nice 😘😘 … But my hair isnt as long as dat tho😭😭 … But will def try sumfin like that😍 thanx for d tutorial💋


  13. How do u maintain your front hair? It looked geled in d pics but mine refusesbto lie low.


  14. The Hair Mainaic

    I love the colour it’s so fine… Now I have I protective style on so I’ll jus wait till I take it off and I have bought my perm rods😃


  15. Fierce red! This makes me want to dye my hair!


  16. Tolu

    Hi. Nice hair and colour. Please what product did you use for your hair colouring


  17. Chioma

    Hi dear, please where did u get the Jazzing hair colour? And also noticed that u have brown hair in some other posts. Is that the faded jazzing red or just a different colour?


  18. ogehchee

    I loooove the hair style…thumbs up


  19. Tonia Green

    You are doing a great job & your hair looks lovely always. Help… hair isn’t growing, have gone natural for 2 years now, went on dreadlocks but noticed the length was the same. I’ve taken out the dreads & now ready to treat my hair so I can get beautiful results like yours. Pls advice which of the ayurvedic products I should get & any other products.thanks so much(long mail right…


  20. maryam

    hi, please what dye did you use on your hair? also, is it safe because i’m worried it may cause breakage/damage


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