Detailed Info On My Yarn Braids + After Care

Hi everyone, its been a while here. Hope your all doing great?! Today is all about yarn braids. Be inspired!! 😊 

  Yarn Wool is also very light weight but not as light as kinky (Marley attachment) also very flexible while styling. I hope to make another soon. πŸ˜‰ Lets begin!😌 



  1. Attachment Used: I used “Babby Wool” 100% Acrylic Hand & Machine Knitting Yarn. One piece of yarn weighs 40grams. 
  2.  How much and where to buy: I got mine at a market in Nigeria (Lagos market). And got a whole pack (16 pieces in a pack), Got all for 1000 Naira, you can purchase it from the salon or market around you, its commonly used for knitting. O yess!!!!πŸ˜‰
  3. How many packs of wool: I didn’t use the whole pack, it remained 3 pieces of yarn out of the whole pack. Thats 13 pieces used.😊
  4. How many strands per braids:   Used 20 strands per braid at the middle and back, then the front line, used 23 strands per braid.  

    she secured the edges by banding it and burning the tips

  5. Color: Dark brown (color 4) and (color 27)  
  6. Length: Bra strap Length (see below)  
  7. How long did you keep the braids: 5 weeks
  8. CARE: Day time, I apply leave in conditioner to my roots and seal it with shea butter (ori) or any oil. Then I use edge control to tame my edges before going out. -Night time, I protect my roots and edges by placing it in a pineapple style with a satin scarf.   
  9. Cleaning/washing braids: I havnt tried washing my braids cus I’m scared of it not drying well and all, so an alternative, I used apple cider vinegar diluted with water, and cotton balls to cleanse my scalp gently every 2weeks.   

    Very Good Cleansing Agent for hair, as the Ph level is close to that of the hair

  10. Hair Care Before Installing: I washed my hair, had a tea rinse (lipton black tea) and deep conditioned my hair. Then Braided my hair to stretch it out!   
  11. Who installed it: My hair stylist came home to make it and it took about 2hours (any stylist that can braid well can do it)  

    After about 3weeks


After 1 month




 Sprayed water on my hair to dampen  then took it down. Deep conditioned with Giovanni Hair Reconstructor and also hot Oil Treatment with Jamican black Castor oil.  Check out how I take down protective styles and after care treatments HERE  

A day after washing


allowed my hair Breath For a week

NOTE: When making protective styles keep it MODERATELY loose at the roots so your hair doesn’t pull off. Dont do tight hair-styles just because  you think it’l be neat and tidy. A little bit loose doesn’t mean it will look messy or old. I tell you one day of tight tugging hair will cause you chopped edges the next day and do you know what that means???  about 2-3 months of struggling to grow edges back before you see visible growth, so my point, its not worth it!!!πŸ˜’ 

  Hope it was detailed enough? Any further questions can be left in the comment section and i will reply. Please Like, Comment and Subscribe 

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Thanks!!!!. Stay Blessed!


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25 responses to “Detailed Info On My Yarn Braids + After Care

  1. soza

    Woow well detailed. Love your hair and how you take care of it. Thanks for sharing. You inspire me to continue this Journey and am grateful.


  2. Halie

    Me likey 😘


  3. Wow dint know it was the normal wool you called yarn braids. So pretty looks like attachment sef. I just installed locs with wool wouldav done braids instead ugh. Anyway theres always a next time. Btw its 16 in a pack. And. Yes. Its detailed enough


  4. nafisah

    How long did you wear it? I have always hated the look of yarn braids ( I prefer twists) but you are sort of giving me a second thought because these braids look amaaazeballs!


  5. I’ve only used yarn for locs but this is a nice alternative.
    See your edges, mine cannot even be laid like that.
    I like your hair too!


  6. I always prefer doing twists. Some day, I’d try braids with the wool. Ur edges… Aw u make them slip this way, I’m still wondering.


  7. Ayo Toluwaleyi Adejunmobi

    I love your hair and its well detailed. Thanks for sharing. And how n where can I get all the product you used. Plus price range pls


    • Thanks dear. I get my natural hair products from they offer prompt delivery. Also at poise store, cassabella and health plus pharmacy at the palms mall. Check them out 😊 they range from 1k naira to 2500naire depending on brand. Like cantu is about 2k naira. Giovani also is about that 2k ish, shea moisture is about 3k ish 😊


  8. Wendy

    I cant but admire ds hair on u babe,I never knew dt d wool used for knitting can also be used to make hair. It is lovely n fits u perfectly


  9. Priscilla

    Nice post. Well detailed. Lovely pictures. I’ve tried edge control and gel but can’t seem to get my edges to slip. Any suggestions?


  10. Gbemi

    What else can one use DIY for edge control . I love your hair.


  11. I really do love your blog. I’m glad to start my natural hair journey with you…thanks for all the tips, I got some products from your recommendation. I hope I can send you some pictures soon and yes, I follow you on IG as well as your bbm channel πŸ™‚


  12. Priscilla

    Still waiting for a reply to my comment. Also does your stylist comb each cut section before plaiting it? If yes, what size of comb does she use. Thank you.


  13. nice blog. did you wash with shampoo again after the protein treatment?


  14. ganiru

    Thx but where can I buy wool for my hair


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