Curls with Braided Crown on 4c Natural Hair

Hi there! Im back again with something simple and chick 😉, nothing serious, Im going straight to the point. 



side view


I braided my hair on an old twist out so my hair was stretched a bit. 

 Products Used 

Dark & Lovely Au Naturale  10-in-1 styles Gelee


– Shea Butter 

– Edge Control

– Wide tooth comb

– Satin pillowcase 

– Hair Net to secure hair in place while sleeping


  1. Divid hair into Two sections, small section infront for the braided crown.
  2. Apply little gelee to the front section and detangled with wide tooth comb then braid it nice and neat.  
  3. For the back, since my hair was a little stretched from the twist out I made previously, which was a good start to have a stretched out result. I took it piece by piece applied gelee, finger detangles and applied shea butter then braided/twisted. 
  4. I repeated this till I completed my whole head. I twisted the back and braided the front. Just to compaire the curls tho 😊.    
  5. Applied gelee to my edges, Covered and slept.

Take Down

  1. My hair was oily enough, didnt have to apply oil to my fingers to take down.
  2. I used my fingers to untwist the twists and loosen the braids gently. And I got this  
  3. I seperated more to get desired fullness. NOTE: you can seperate a little less if you want more definition unlike me 😊 
  4. Fluffed roots with Afro pick and fingers. 
  5. Applied Edge control to my edges and gel to sweep the other side flat. And secured with two bobby pins 😃. Done!!  

    side view


More Pictures: 

Top view


4 Days After

When the definition is gone and your hair shrinks back to level one 😂. You could pack it as a puff with the braided crown in place , still nice ☺️. I carried it to work like that.😉

Top view


Side View


Back view

Top side view


Front view

  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial? Let me know what you think in the comments. 

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Thanks and stay blessed! 😘 



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11 responses to “Curls with Braided Crown on 4c Natural Hair

  1. miscellanaeousbelle

    Gorgeous! And I adore the makeup 👏


  2. Anuri

    Lovely style, Gorgeous hair.
    Quick Question: Which brand of edge control do you use?


  3. naturalgirlonabudget

    What’s your email dear?


  4. Oluwatosin

    totally loved the hair, color, braids and twists. and glasses


  5. opeyemi

    Beautiful hair! What hair dye did you use and how old was your hair before your first colouring?


  6. Doyin

    Beautiful! Please where can i get the Dark and Lovely gelee and their other anti-shrinkage naturale products? Didn’t find them on Olori. Thanks you.


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