Hi loves, been a while here. 

Today i’ll be talking about hair breakage and dryness. What you might be doing to your hair that causes breakage and how you can retain length. Yaaay!!! Finally 😄💃 This is a highly requested post.

The primary complaints I encounter on my BBM Channel , especially after going natural are “My hair is dry” or “My hair is not growing.” When women feel like their hair is not growing, I explain that the hair will always grow as long as they are living. 

Therefore, if you feel as if your hair is not growing past a certain length, the hair is breaking and not retaining length, preventing you from achieving your desired length goals.


  1. Create a Simple Hair Care Regimen/Routine and work With It!  When you are new or just starting out on your natural hair journey you may not be so sure how to build your natural hair care regimen. Or perhaps you have been natural for sometime now and have come to the conclusion that its time for a change in how you care for your hair. Whatever the case may be building a regimen doesn’t have to be challenging, all it needs are the basics: Cleansing, Conditioning, Moisturizing, Detangling, and Protective and or Low Manipulation Styles. All naturals need cleansing, conditioning, moisturizing, detangling, and protective styling / low manipulation styles included in their regimen. What varies is the frequency of each aspect of the regimen. This is all unique to you and only you can determine how often you should do each step. For example there are many naturals on the web who wash less frequently and have retained long hair and there are some that wash more often and have grown really long hair as well. With some experimentation you will find what works best for you, as only you can determine the best approach for your hair. Here is a sample hair regimen you can adopt and adjust   
  2. Are you Detangling properly?  Hair is its most fragile when wet and very dry. If you have highly textured hair that tangles easily, its best to lightly mist hair and detangle with a wide tooth comb before shampooing. Shampooing in plaits or jumbo twists also prevents tangles and breakage.   
  3. Choose The Best Detangling Tool.  There are tons of detangling tools and some are better than others when it comes to detangling with little or no damage at all. Tools like the Tangle Teezer (Tangle Teezer has been nicknamed the ‘Shredder’ by some.) The best detangling tool regards of hair type is a seamless wide tooth comb.   
  4. Leaving a deep conditioner in too long?  It is important to deep condition your hair on a regular basis to maintain a proper moisture balance. When I talk about deep conditioning, I am referring to the process of applying a moisturizing conditioner to the hair; distributing it evenly with the use of a wide tooth comb or brush; and incorporating the use of steam or heat for at least 10 min, but no more than 30 min. for deeper penetration of essential proteins and moisturizers into the hair shaft. I would consider this the “proper” way to deep condition the hair. The misconception many people have about conditioner is that if they leave it on longer than the recommended time their hair will get more benefits, but this is not true and there are ways in which you can over-condition the hair. Many women deep condition their hair by leaving the conditioner on overnight or even for a whole day. Unfortunately, the hair can become deficient of the structural protein it requires to stay strong and result in a soft, mushy mess. The hair will feel limp and weak, become extremely elastic, stretch, and eventually break.
  5. Are you cleansing the hair and scalp properly?  A lot of naturals co-wash their hair and don’t get me wrong, I do too. However, the need to shampoo the hair at least once every week or two using amoisturizing  sulphate free shampoos, your hair wouldnt dry up as you may think it would. Product buildup can strain the hair and clog the scalp. I like to shampoo to ensure dirt is washed out thoroughly. In addition, excessive buildup can cause hair to dry out, become brittle and even break off from the scalp. Try to pre poo with an oil or conditioner before shampooing this also helps prevent drying out.      
  6. Are you heat styling? If so, are you protecting the hair?  Excessive heat styling can severely damage the hair shaft and cause the texture of your kink/coil pattern to change. Always always use a heat protectant to keep the hair cuticle protected from damage. A few naturals have had to learn the hard way that heat styling can be just as stressful to the hair as a chemical relaxer, without the harsh long-term effects. Many have BC’d a second time due to damage caused by improper styling techniques and/or extremely high temperatures without proper protection when blow drying, flat ironing, pressing, etc.  
  7. Are you wearing a beanie to protect your natural hair from the weather?  If so, you may want to wear a satin bonnet or scarf under your beanie/tam to prevent the hair from rubbing against the fabric and causing friction. The constant rubbing against the fabric will tug on the hair and eventually cause breakage.   
  8. Are you protecting your hair at night with a satin bonnet or pillow?  The same applies as wearing a satin bonnet/scarf under your beanie. When sleeping, your hair will constantly rub against your pillows causing friction that leads to breakage. Try purchasing a satin bonnet or a satin pillowcase. You could also sew it at ur tailor’s.   
  9. Are you moisturizing your hair properly?   Make sure you are moisturizing the hair with a sufficient and slightly heavier creme than you would normally. The colder temperatures will suck the moisture out of your hair and trust me, your hair will need it. Don’t forget to seal those ends with butter or a thick oil like castor oil during harmattan/Winter.                     
  10. Trim those Dead end!!!  Removing split ends is the only way to prevent further damage on other parts of the same hair strand where split ends are present. Whether you “search and destroy”, “dust”, or allow a professional stylist to trim your hair, it will help keep it in optimal shape and decrease breakage.  
  11. Are you over manipulating your hair?   Constant pulling, tugging and styling the hair can cause breakage as well. I’ve learned to curl or twist my hair and leave it in for at least a week so that I’m not tempted to constantly play and put my hands in my hair. Protective styling such as braids, twists and cornrows are longer lasting styles that can really help you to stop over manipulating.  

How Much Breakage is OK

Naturally, hair sheds and you will experience some breakage. Again, this is natural and you shouldn’t be alarmed that a few hairs are shedding. If your hair has been braided or in some form of protective style for 3 weeks or more, you will notice a moderate increase in breakage. This is normal as your hair continues to shed but by not having anywhere to go, it stays tangled with the rest of the hair until the protective style is taken down.

The tips mentioned above are simple techniques for eliminating unnecessary breakage. If you are experiencing severe hair breakage or loss of hair from the scalp, you may want to consult a trichologist or dermatologist to determine what is best for you.

Disclaimer: Some Pictures and some writeups where sourced from different sites on the internet. Compiled by Me!

 Hope this post helps someone!

How do you combat unnecessary dryness and breakage???? Let me know in the comment section. 

Thanks and stay blessed!


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  1. Funweez

    Hello just want to say big thanks. Very detailed n helpful post.


  2. Funweez

    Hallo admin thanks a lot, very detailed n helpful post.


  3. Doyin

    Thank you always Ella. And even though you never replied my email, i’ve been inspired by this post and others as always. Now two questions: When u have your hair up in twists, curls or braids for a week, using the low manipulation method, so u can wash and condition every week to prevent breakage, do you still have to do the daily regimen of LOC day and night? Won’t that make you loose your curls, twist or braid outs, causing one to keep restyling every morning and night- more manipulation? Secondly, when you have long protective styles on, e.g, yarns, braids, twists, weave, etc, how can you follow the hair regimen of washing, conditioning, mosturising weekly or bi-weekly without making a mess of the whole essence of protective styling? Or do you just mosturise and quickly take the hair down say max after a month, so you can reduce breakage from having not washed or conditioned in the period of that one month? If it takes not doing long protective styles just so i can follow this healthy regimen and see the changes before the year runs out, i’m so ready! Thi hair must grow! Lol.


    • Hello dear. Sorry for not replying ur mail. I didnt get it. As i reply every message i get. Guess its netrk or so.

      Well to your questions.
      Firstly, when on low manipulation styles you dont have to moisturize daily or ur curls will revert. Thats why when ur twisting u use a leave in before the styler to keep it moisturized for as long as u will keep the hair. You can oil ur scalp with an oil base moisturizer like cantu moisturizer every 3days. also wearing ur satin bonnet keeps in moisture. After ur tired of the hair (it can last about a 4days to 1 week) u then co wash nd do ur weekly regimen.

      For protective styles you keep it in for at most 6weeks. U can wash it if u wish. Or just use ACV to cleanse it. Moisturize it as needed and add oil to seal in the moisture. Not that u aint moisturizing the attachment but your own natural hair. Hope i answered ur questions!!


  4. miscellanaeousbelle

    Please add me to your BBM channel. I’m failing to join the group 55F177D5 thanks 🙂


  5. melody Amanze

    Alas i just found this post. Thanks


  6. Debbie Djakpor

    Wow this was so helpful. Great post !


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