Hi dears, how many of you do not use a leave in conditioner in your regimen????

After Shampooing and conditioning, using a leave-in conditioner further assists in improving the manageability of hair by making it smoother, more flexible and can also strengthen its structure. It should be included in your hair routine.

A good leave-in conditioner should also give your hair slip which will make detangling easier.

Conditioning slows down the natural weathering and wearing down of the cortex. Dry hair lacks moisture and moisture must be restored to regain a healthy hair. Lack of moisture means the number of hydrogen bonds may be reduced. Conditioning re-establishes the hydrogen bonds and improves the moisture content of the hair by improving the weatherproofing of the cuticle.


  1. Moisture: Leave-in conditioners are used to help keep the strands of your hair moisturized after you condition your strands. The product gives your hair almost immediate moisture and you do not wash it out because it is meant to keep your hair moisturized long term. Lack of moisture causes dryness, which makes hair brittle, susceptible to breakage and split ends.  Seal in this moisture by applying a natural Oil and a hair butter like; Cocoa butter, Shea butter or Mango butter. This method is know as the L.O.C method (Liquid, Oil, Cream) used to keep in moisture for a longer period of time.  Great For Detangling: With all of the goodness we find in leave-in conditioners, they are great detanglers! The water, oils, butters, etc contained in them help give the hair extra slip and help us work through tangles with ease.
  2. Healthy Cuticle Layers: Knots, tangles, back-combing and hair elastics can lift the cells of the cuticle layer, which can eventually lead to cortex exposure and hair breakage. Using conditioner every time you wash your hair can help prevent this damage. Aging causes natural wear and tear to the hair. When a new hair first grows it has 10-12 layers of cuticle scales, which are gradually worn away over time. At the ends of the hair the cuticle may be worn away altogether exposing the cortex and the only cure is to trim the hair. Regular use of leave in conditioner can help maintain the cuticle and allow hair to grow longer between trims. Softens The Hair:  Most leave in’s come with some amazing properties in addition to moisture, they have enough slip to keep the hair soft and some of them even add shine to the hair.
  3. Reduce Friction: Wind tangles the hair and causes individual strands to rub together. This can cause enough friction to damage the cuticle layer, weakening the hair shaft and leading to breakage. Leave in conditioner reduces the friction between strands and helps prevent tangles. Heat Protectant: When using heat, you need all the help you can get to protect your hair from possible damage. A leave-in conditioner can provide an extra layer of protection to the hair as you prepare to heat style. Damage from heat styling tools leaves the hair dry. Over-dried hair will be brittle and susceptible to breakage, use a leave-in conditioner prior to heat styling. This will keep most of the moisture in your hair instead of your hair becoming crunchy. Ultra violet rays from the sun break down the keratin and melanin in the cuticle and cortex of the hair. This weakens, lightens and dries out hair over time. The use of leave in conditioner keeps hair hydrated. Prevents Static Build Up: Combing or brushing can induce static in the hair, especially when the air is dry in the winter. The hair will tend to tangle and have fly-always. Leave in Conditioners are formulated to help prevent static build up.
  4. Replenish Lost Moisture: Regular shampooing removes dirt and buildup from the scalp and hair but it can also strip the hair of important nutrients. Conditioner helps replenish the lost nourishment.
  5. Assist Stylers: The ingredients in your leave-in can help to smooth the hair strands which may help your stylers be more effective. When used just before your favorite butters, puddings or gels, it’ll add just the right amount of moisture to give those products an extra kick. Your hair will have great shine and your curls will pop!When choosing a leave in conditioner ensure that the first ingredient on the list is WATER, which means that the product is built to moisturize your hair. There are a lot of natural hair leave in conditioners around. Some are thicker than others while some are watery, Experiment with both to see which keeps your hair moisturized the longest.

What is your favorite leave in conditioner and how does your hair feel when you use it? Please share your experience in the comment section below.


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Thanks and stay blessed!


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  1. My favourite leave in is Cantu Argan oil. It keeps my hair moisturized for longer, and the smell is lovely!


  2. victoria

    For me it’s the Cantu shear butter leave in conditioner…its really nice and smells nice as well…welldone girl you motivate and encourage us to take care of our hair….Victoria


  3. Jummai

    Hello, good after. Your blog/bbm channel has been very helpful, thank you for that…and you have beautiful hair. I noticed that my cantu products don’t have an expiration date on it, please want to find out if it expires? And how do I get to know exactly what my hair type is?


  4. Amie

    I absolutely love the Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter range!! Its fantastic! I recently tried their Raw Shea Butter Extra Moisture Detangler.. it did make my hair softer (and maybe a little shinier too.. or that could just be me feeling happy about it….;p)
    Its available on their site if anybody wants feel a lil happy😉 http://www.sheamoisture.com/Raw-Shea-Butter-Extra-Moisture-Detangler_p_1170.html


  5. Onome

    I’m loving Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Conditioner Repair Cream. The smell is jut amazing! Thank you for your womderful articles, they’re really helpful! 😉 🙂


  6. Oyinkansinuolami

    Cantu Argan oil for the win !!! Lol . It made my hair ridiculously soft for days .loving it 😍. Thank you for these and all your other tips !


  7. Excellent and decent post. I found this much informative. I’m impressed by the details that you have on this web site. Thank you for this post.


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