Defined Braid Out On 4C Natural Hair Featuring Lotta Body Foaming Mousse

Hi curly friends, to know how I achived this style please keep reading. 😘 


  1. Spritz whole head with little water to soften it.      
  2. Cut out hair in little section.  
  3. Apply a dime size leave in conditioner ( Shea moisture Strengthen, Grow & Restore).  
  4. Apply 4 drops of oil mix to section.  
  5. Finger detangle to remove shed hair, knots and work products through.   
  6. Apply Lotta Body Wrap Me Foaming Mousse, and smoothen through from root to tip.      
  7. Three strand twist it to be firm enough not too tight.  
  8. Twirl/ finger curl the tips for easy take down and to reduce cotton bally ends.  
  9. Repeat steps on whole head.    
  10. Allow to air dry completely (overnight or 24 hours).      

Take Down

  1. When completely dry, apply oil mix to finger tips each time to unravel each braided strand to reduce frizz.
  2. Apply little oil mix to whole head.
  3. Unravel each strand carefully with fingers from tips to root making sure not to disturb the curls.  
  4. The volume was just fine, I didnt bother separating for volume (this also helps keep curls intact 😆)   
  5. Fluff roots for volume.      

Night Time Routine

At night I pack a loose puff and tie my hair with a satin scarf in a pineapple style and sleep on a satin pillowcase. I do not spritz water or any moisturizing product on my hair the next morning as this will revert the curls and shrink your hair back to square one 😆. Moreover hair is already moisturized from the LCO METHOD used from start.   


Day 3 hair  

I love day 3 or 4 hair.. its big and funky lol

 Hope you enjoyed this tutorial guys? Let me know in the comment section; (a) how you braid out, (b) have you tried lotta body foaming mousse? 

(C) What is your best wrap mousse? I am open to more suggestions dear!

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Thanks and stay blessed!   


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17 responses to “Defined Braid Out On 4C Natural Hair Featuring Lotta Body Foaming Mousse

  1. mercy

    nice one.rily helpful.pls do u av a product dat sleeks down ur edges? I av 4c hair and my gel dont work @all.I use eco styler olive oil.


  2. Destiny Gabriel

    What should i use in place of the foam mousse?


  3. I love how defined the curls look, your hair has volume too😍. , I tend to use Shea Butter and sometimes ecostyler gel If i want the braid out to last long.


  4. Your hair is gorg!!! I may actually try this, thanks for sharing!


  5. Mimi

    This is so beautiful! I don’t have the mousse just the lottabody lotion which I use when blow drying my 4c hair.


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  7. Loved it! I’m definitely gonna try it this week!


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