Deal With Shrinkage: Heatless Way To Stretch Natural Hair

Shrinkage is a sign of healthy natural hair, you must learn to embrace and love it  

  Stretching your natural hair once in a while (the heatless way) can improve the outcome of styles before styling, detangle knots, remove shed hairs, lenght checks, etc  

  I made a post on this before, in April, 2015. Check it out HERE 

 I have 4C hair, obviously!! This is how I stretch my hair.      

 Products and Tools Used 

  • Silver bird 100% Eucalyptus Oil
  • Shea moisture JBCO leave in conditioner
  • Alikay naturals totally twisted LOC butter
  • My oil mix
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Brazilian wool            


  1. On freshly washed hair (damp), I applied a coin size detangler all through my hair in sections.
  2.  Applied Eucalyptus oil to my scalp (quite stingy).
  3. I sectioned my hair into smaller sections (lol too many sections) applied my oil mix, leave in conditioner and butter (LOCS) then gently detangled with my fingers, afterwards a wide tooth comb (first time using a comb this year) 
  4. Wrapped the thread around my hair from root to tip, tied to secure it, making sure its not too tight at the roots but firm on the hair. You can leave spaces during threading, but for maximum stretch don’t leave a lot of space while threading a section.
  5. Repeat all over. 
  6. Allow to dry completely before taking it out. I took it out after 2days.       


  • Do not spray any sort of moisturizing product after taking it down, so as to maintain the stretch. If you apply moisture it will shrink back to square one. I applied the LOC method before threading therefore, my hair was soft and moisturized. 
  • If your hair feels too dry after taking thread out, please try the LOC method before wrapping with thread or you can apply any hair butter e.g shea butter or a thick oil like castor oil that will moisturize it without shrinking back. 
  • Do not thread too tight to your scalp, make sure its fluffy around the roots.
  • Detangle before threading.
  • Don’t spray water on your thread, your aim is to get it dry.       

Hope you enjoyed this post? Have you tried African thread or other heatless method for stretching?? Lets know your view in the comment section.  


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Thanks and stay blessed! 



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9 responses to “Deal With Shrinkage: Heatless Way To Stretch Natural Hair

  1. oge

    Wow….. Lovely


  2. Nkiru

    Very beautiful . Thanks for the tips. What did you use to as a band for the bun, please?


  3. cynthia okafor

    i knew when u had your cut this year and yet it’s already longer than my 11 months after bc hair. am giving up on this


  4. Odera

    Ellen. you have great hair. I just wanna ask: how many days can the hair last in its stretched form, before it shrinks back?


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