Growth & Retention Challenge 2017

Hi dolls! Our Growth and Retention Challenge starts today 12 January, 2017 yaay! 

This challenge focuses on proper hair care, healthy hair care regimens and length retention. Many challenges focus on growing hair quickly and as rapidly as possible while neglecting that length retention is the key to achieving your hair goals! Hair Retention is Keeping the hair you grow! A lot of people complain their hair has stopped growing, what may be happening is that you’re losing the hair you grow through breakage just as fast as the hair is growing so it seems that hair growth has stopped.


Begin challenge by sending/posting a length check of your hair’s starting point, measure with tape rule and fill in  chart (sample of chart below). If your interested in participating send in your beginning growth chart and length check pictures to 


Check-ins are every 30 days. On these days measure hair’s length and fill in chart. Send image of length check. 


The Growth and Retention Challenge will end June 12th, 2017. 


With a tape rule measure the front, back, two sides (left and right), and hair in the crown of your head to get a full perspective of your growth and chart it down in this format “see picture below” 



– Jamaican black castor oil (as the carrier oil) 

– Jojoba Oil (as the carrier oil) 

– rosemary oil 

– neem oil

– vitamin E oil

– peppermint oil

– Camomile oil

– clary sage oil

– Ylang Ylang


  1. Put carrier oil in a small glass container or an applicator bottle. 5mls 
  2. Add at least any two essential oils listed above. (8-10 drops of each)
  3. Put some of the mixture on your fingertips and massage into scalp.

Back length – APL

Beginning check-in

DIY Length check shirt HERE

1 MONTH UPDATE “February 12, 2017”

We are seeing Growth yay! 

Photo from WhatsApp group members

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3 responses to “Growth & Retention Challenge 2017

  1. I wish I could participate, but my hair is going to be in a protective style for a few weeks😢


  2. Hi. I have dz issue with my hair. The back is practically not growing or sumfin…I don’t know y..and what do I do? Thanks.


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