How To Moisturize High Porosity 4c/4b Natural Hair

Hi dolls, 

I’m showing you how I moisturize my high Porosity hair. 

Does your hair get dry quickly? Learn How to properly moisturize high Porosity natural hair !
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Thanks and stay blessed!


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6 responses to “How To Moisturize High Porosity 4c/4b Natural Hair

  1. ohimai_joy1

    Hi, am a sub, and I must say God bless your works.. thanks for all your tips. They are helpful.  Please I need your help.  I just bought the clay for clarification,  but I don’t know how to use it. Can I prepoo be for using the clay, so I use it straight up. And also can you do a video on it?  Hoping to read from you soon. Bless Joy

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    • Hi dear! Thank you!
      Yes you should pre-poo before using a clay mask because it’s really stripping. Also you can just mix it with water to make a paste(you could add acv or an oil of choice) then massage gently onto our SCALP, and work it through the length of your hair, allow to sit for about 10-20minutes then wash off!! Deep condition after.


  2. I enjoyed the video! I subscribed to your channel. Whenever you get time, you should check out my channel!

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  3. Great tutorial! Time and work put in make the results worth it


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