Hi dolls,

I want to give you a quick hair update for those who aren’t following me on Instagram and answer FAQs. I had a 3rd chop!

I didn’t document my 2nd Big chop here on the blog but it’s on my Instagram page, where I cut off all my colored hair on the 3rd of march, 2016. Ok back to this post! I chopped my hair again on the 9th of June, 2017. After which I got a lot of questions from friends and family. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 

– Why I Cut My Hair Again?

  1. I had a lot going on in life, I was in some sort of distress, hence I made a CHANGE in life, I had to give up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important and worthy. My hair was the sacrifice.
  2. I wanted a shape up, Wasn’t feeling the previous shape, so I used the medium to reshape my hair.
  3. To show you how fast kinky hair can grow, because I’m growing it out.

– Was Your Hair Damaged?

My hair was not damaged at all, infact it was the healthiest it has ever been, It was thick and long.(will include before pictures).

– Where Did You Cut It?

I cut it at a barber’s shop after showing him pictures of what I wanted, he didn’t quite get the shape but bleh nothing too serious, I wanted it all off anyways.

Note: Before you get a tapered cut be very sure you want it, research very well because there is no going back lol and get it professionally done.– Where Was Chopped?

The sides, back and middle where Cut very low, just the top front was trimmed. – Are You Maintaining This Length and Shape ?

No I’m growing it out.

– As a Professional Is This Allowed at Your Work Place ?

Yes it’s allowed.

– How Did You Feel After The Chop?

For the reasons I wanted it cut I felt fulfilled, it was a bold step really.– Do You Miss Your Long Hair?

Yes I miss it once in a while.

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– Will Your Regimen Change?

Nope, but I changed some products.

– Reaction Of Your Friends/Followers?

Some friends love the new shape while others hate the fact that I cut my hair.

– Will It Grow Back? 


2 months after

– What Did He Use, Clipper or Scissors ? 

Clipper because I wanted it really low– Will You Cut Your Hair Again?

For now NO! Maybe later.

Do you have any more questions for me? Let me know in the comments.


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Thanks and stay blessed! xoxo


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12 responses to “Hair Update: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MY 3RD CHOP!

  1. You are the Queen of Big chop lol. But your hair care game is strong so I know it’ll grow at the speed of light.


  2. Giftwontlose

    Did the texture of your hair change in comparison to your previous hair


  3. Stella

    I have always follewd you even on your bbm chanel. My natural hair is not full and I have a hard time retaining length. Pls suggest a simple regiment and products I can use.


  4. Awesome!!!! Me I loved it sha.. Cutting ones hair especially when it’s an it’s awesomeest is the hardest thing ever.. It takes courage! Cudos babe



    Now I understand that cutting hair can be addictive.
    You still look beautiful though.


  6. Sandra

    You re completely amazing. And i love ur courage. I have been growing my natural hair for close to a year, and it doesn’t seem to be improvibg. I am at a complete loss on how to proceed. Recently discovered your blog and i now have a renewed vigor. Thanks a lot


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