COLORING 4B/C NATURAL HAIR FEATURING CREME OF NATURE (Detailed Info On My New Hair Color, Before and After Care)

Hi guys, season’s greetings.

I’ve been fighting this temptation for the past few months after I got my undercut, I couldn’t overcome it *gasps* I finally colored my hair, all by myself and I’m loving every bit of it. I guess hair color is my thing for now. I’m not a professional colorist but I’ve had about 9 episodes of hair coloring in the past 3 years of my natural hair journey so I know the ins and outs, I’ll advice you get your hair professionally colored if your not experienced.I’ll be showing you how I achieved this ombré look, before and after care, what I used and every other thing you need to know about my new color. Let’s get to it.


  1. I took out a protective style I had in for 1 month, I got a lot of build up reason why I had to shampoo my hair (normally your not to shampoo your hair before dyeing except hair is very dirty or oily)
  2. I Protein deep conditioned with aphogee two minutes reconstructor for 10minutes, rinsed off and applied themanechoice green tea and carrot treatment for 15 minutes with heat after which I conditioned and rinsed my hair.
  3. I had to wait for 24 hours before coloring (as the instruction stated after shampoo wait for 24 hours, please read your instructions carefully) so I stretched my hair with thread (it’s best to stretch your natural hair before coloring) and waited for 48 hours “I’m extra like that.”
  4. On the day of coloring I trimmed about 1.5 inches off my ends ( because my hair needed a trim), read the instructions over and over again, gathered my tools and color box, I used Creme of Nature Red Copper and Light golden blonde (see below).
  5. Color testing was done for 30 minutes on some trimmed hair with and without high-lift booster provided in the blonde color box, to know the shades I’ll be expecting (see below).
  6. I added the gel colors into the developer applicator bottles, and mixed a little blonde color with the high-lift booster in a separate plastic container. Note: All blonde shades come with a lifting powder aka bleach powder but because I don’t want to damage my hair with bleach I decided not to add the powder lifter into the blonde bottle, I only applied a little to the plastic plate used for my hair tips.All mixed upLight Golden blonde with high lift
  7. Applied shea butter to my hairline and wore my gloves


  1. I sectioned the long part of my hair into 4 and left the short sides out. Got my tools and foils ready.
  2. I wanted an ombré effect so I applied red copper first to the base of my hair starting from the front to the sides and back, I applied light golden blonde without lifting powder to the remaining half of my hair, then applied light golden blonde with lifting powder to the tips of my hair (at different time intervals to achieve different shades of blonde, say 5-7 minutes interval ) and covered it up with foil (fastens the lightening process by trapping in heat). Lastly I worked red copper through my edges and roots as the heat from your scalp lightens these areas faster. Note: if your using your gloved fingers to apply color please use different gloves per color.Applied Golden blonde with lifter at different time intervals
  3. Covered my whole head with a processing cap and waited for 30 – 40 minutes WITH HEAT TIP: USE HEAT FOR BETTER PENETRATION.
  4. Rinsed out with warm water and shampooed my hair twice till foam was white, deep conditioned with creme of nature intensive conditioner for 10 minutes (comes in the box), I wasn’t satisfied so I went ahead to deep condition with Shea Moisture with jbco treatment masque for 5 hours, yes you read that right, five hours!! I rinsed it out and my hair felt so moisturized.
  5. Twisted my hair with themanechoice 3-in-1 leave in, ancient Egyptian anti breakage oil and biotin infused styling gel.Inside lightening with flashOutside lightening with flash

I’m ready for this phase, colored hair is demanding if your looking to have healthy colored hair you should be ready to give it extra care. I will be posting my daily, weekly & monthly hair color routine soon, so stay subscribed 😘 I’ve colored my hair previously with creme of nature red copper (pictures below)Have you colored your hair before? How do you care for your hair after coloring?

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…Thanks and stay blessed! xoxo


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12 responses to “COLORING 4B/C NATURAL HAIR FEATURING CREME OF NATURE (Detailed Info On My New Hair Color, Before and After Care)

  1. You have so much fun with your hair!!😍😍

    I’ve been itching to cut, largely due to your influence😒, and also itching to color.
    I think I’d prefer to color but I’m so scared I’ll ruin my hair😫
    I’ll just stick around for your routine and mentally prepare myself as well.


  2. Awesome!!
    You’re one of my hair inspirations. Not just to wear my hair out but to have fun with my hair while at it. You and Kehinde (on IG) inspired my first colour job.
    The colour didn’t take very well. Maybe cos I didn’t stay for king cos I was worried it would be too loud and inappropriate for work(work in a teaching hospital). But I had pretty highlights.
    Last week, I didn’t my second coloring. Just highlights. I love love it! I know its going to be more work.

    I’m looking forward to your routine. I need it.
    The major thing I do extra cos of the coloring is deep conditioning… Both moisture and protein.

    Forgive the long comment

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks! I will be trying this. I’m tired of my natural hair.


  4. Great post dear.. I love the way u write..👍👍

    Check out my new post.. Its on ways to style relaxed or natural hair..


  5. Wow nice
    The colour looks good on you.
    I also died my hair but it was a while ago.
    Feel free to stop by my blog and check out my results.
    My posts are filled with tips for natural hair care.


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