Hey my loves how’s your day going? I’ll be giving you a super quick review on these products.These products were sent to me by @zizathecap on instagram and this is what I think about them.

1. Ziza Enriched Organic Shampoo: I used this product to wash my hair obviously. It has a minty smell, tingling sensation on the scalp even after I rinsed it off and it left my scalp and hair super clean and moisturized.

Claims: Gently cleanses & Conditions Hair, nourishes, moisturizes & Hydrates Hair, Detangles hair, leaving it fuller & thicker, great for all hair types.

First 5 Ingredients: African black soap, jojoba oil, castor oil, menthol, tea tree oil, rosemary oil,etc

PRICE: N1,500

2. Ziza’s 3 in 1 Leave-in conditioner: I used this as a leave in conditioner after washing my hair and also as a moisturizer every other day when my hair feels dry (high porosity problems lol), it’s a water based leave-in conditioner, it left my hair feeling soft and moisturized. PS it contains Protein to strengthen and repair.

Claims: Ziza’s 3 in 1 leave in conditioner is a protective blend of water 💧and conditioning proteins to give stronger longer and healthier looking hair. The combination makes it safe for all hair types. Also contains moisturizing properties of silk protein to provide healthy looking sheen.

Ingredients: Water, olive oil, shea, avocado oil , keratin, coconut and Argan oil.

PRICE: N1,500

3. Ziza Hair Rejuvenating & Growth Oil: I used this on my scalp after washing with ziza shampoo and also to seal in moisture after applying ziza leave in conditioner. The consistency is quite thick, smells like a combination of oils and herbs.

Claims: Promote Hair Growth X 8, Prevents breakage, breakage, Fights against Dry, itchy and flaky scalp, Decreases shedding and moisturizes hair.

First 5 Ingredients: Jojoba oil, castor oil, tea tree oil, Henna extract, peppermint oil, sweet almond oil

PRICE: N1,500


  1. For New Naturals this is a great starterkit for your natural hair journey and they are quite affordable.
  2. I wish they all have the same sticker design, so it’s uniform and not looking like they are from different brands
  3. The growth oil doesn’t spray out well because of its thick consistency, an applicator bottle will be better.

These products can be purchased from @zizathecap on instagram or 09051052414

Thanks and stay blessed xoxo

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