Hi guys, I’m back with another wash day post featuring a Nigerian brand (Afrorootsnaturals).I was sent these products for review and you know as always I’ll give you my raw uncut review. These reviews are based on MY experience, yours might be different. Without writing so much intro ’cause I’m not in the writing mood today let’s get started.

1. AFROROOTSNATURALS MOISTURIZING SHAMPOO: This shampoo claims to prevent dryness, tangles and contains African black soap.

Scent: It smells like butter milk and black soap

Consistency: Liquid

Price: N2000

Ingredients: They are sample packs, ingredients weren’t listed.

My Experience: I sectioned my hair into 5 parts, wet it with warm water, applied the shampoo and worked it through each section. After rinsing the shampoo out my hair was super clean, so clean that it felt gritty and kind of stripped. On a scale of 1-5, moisture level was at 2.5. I followed up with the deep moisture masque to replenish moisture.

2. AFROROOTSNATURALS DEEP MOISTURE MASQUE: It claims to give intense hydration and conditioning. Contains premium oils and herbal extracts.

Scent: Smells like buttermilk, herbs and oils.

Consistency: Buttery

Price: N3500

My Experience: To replenish moisture into my hair I applied the masque, a lot of it and worked it through each section. My hair felt like it just had a strong protein treatment, I don’t know if it contains hydrolyzed protein or keratin. My hair was a bit hard like it strengthened the hair fibers, I wasn’t able to detangle with it ’cause it had no slip, after rinsing it out it felt better. Soft and moisturized but not super soft, on a scale of 1-5 moisture/softness was at 3. I decided to follow up with the rinse out conditioner.

3. AFROROOTSNATURALS RINSE OUT CONDITIONER: This product claims to be a moisturizer and a detangler, Contains coconut oil and herbal extracts. For dry textured and relaxed hair.

Scent: Milky and fruity

Consistency: Creamy

Price: N2000

My Experience: I applied the rinse out conditioner and allowed it sit in my hair for 10 minutes. It felt soft in my hair but I didn’t detangle at this stage ’cause it had very little slip. After rinsing it out my hair felt soft and moisturized. On a scale of 1-5 moisture/softness was at 3.5. I followed up with the leave in conditioner.

4. AFROROOTSNATURALS LEAVE IN CONDITIONER: This product claims to be moisturizing and used as a detangler, contains coconut oil and herbal extract. For dry textured and relaxed hair.

Scent: Smells like Buttermilk, coconut milk.

Consistency: Creamy

Price: N2300

My Experience: Firstly, I used the leave in conditioner before to test the moisturizing level, I applied afrorootsnaturals leave in conditioner to one side of my hair and applied my favorite leave in conditioner by themanechoice to another side and applied mielle pomegranate & honey leave in conditioner to another side. Note my hair is high porosity and colored, the next day the side that had themanechoice and mielle leave in conditioner’s moisture level on a scale of 1-5 was 3, however, the side that had afrorootsnaturals leave in conditioner was 5/5 like it was literally still damp! WHAT??? Ok back to my wash day experience.

I applied the leave in conditioner, styling custard and sealed my hair with the conditioning hair butter. The slip from the styling custard was great for detangling so I detangled with these 3 in. It was a breeze I also didn’t shed much during detangling. Check out these juicy twists. I didn’t unravel my twists the next day because my hair was still damp. After two days I unraveled the twists, hair was a bit damp in front reason why my twistout weren’t defined. Like the moisture level was on 100. My hair felt super soft, airy and bouncy!! I need a gallon of each lol!!! I don’t know if it was just the leave in conditioner but I’m sure the styling custard and conditioning butter played a role.

5. AFROROOTSNATURALS STYLING CUSTARD: Claims to create soft, bouncy curls, for dry, textured and relaxed hair. With coconut oil and herbal extracts.

Scent: Smells like buttermilk.

Consistency: Liquid

Price: N2800

Ingredients: Aqua, flax seed extract, coconut oil, shea butter, conditioning wax, cetyl alcohol, aloe Vera, herbal extract, vitamin b5, phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol, sorbic acid, Essential and aromatic oils.

My Experience: The slip from this product was great for detangling even though it didn’t define my twist out as expected it left my hair bouncy and moisturized.

6. AFROROOTSNATURALS CONDITIONING BUTTER: This product claims to nourish, condition and seal. Contains coconut oil and neem extracts.

Scent: Smells nutty like shea butter and herbs.

Consistency: Soft solid butter at room temperature

Price: N2000

My Experience: I applied it as a sealant, it sure sealed in all that moisture.Yummy hair!

7. AFROROOTSNATURALS STRENGTHENING HENNA MASQUE: I didn’t use this yet, I’ll be doing a separate post on how I prepare and apply the henna masque on my INSTAGRAM so watch out for it.

That’s my review guys and yours might be different. However, it’s definitely worth trying and it’s very affordable, great starter kit for new Naturals. So back to you, have you used this brand? What was your experience?


Instagram: Afrorootsnaturals

Mobile Number: 09059543321

Online store: HERE

Thanks and stay blessed xoxo

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