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Showing my personal hair regimen. Morning to night!!

Scalp Exfoliation For Natural Hair

Hi loves! I’m back again!!! Yaay! Lol. 
 OMG! it’s so dry out there cus of harmattan/ winter season, where you find yourself scratching your scalp like crazy. Continue reading!


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Complete Wash Day Routine With NO Store Bought “Natural Hair Product”

Hi curly friends!!! You don’t have to break your pocket to have a successful wash day. I had an emergency wash day without my products cus I wasnt with them, my hair was overdue for cleansing (over a month) because I have been busy. I decided to share my experience with you all cus It went perfectly well.

Before (dull,Dry , frizzy) meets After (shiny, moisturized and curly)

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Hi dears, how many of you do not use a leave in conditioner in your regimen????

After Shampooing and conditioning, using a leave-in conditioner further assists in improving the manageability of hair by making it smoother, more flexible and can also strengthen its structure. It should be included in your hair routine.

A good leave-in conditioner should also give your hair slip which will make detangling easier.

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How To Trim Natural Hair (My Major Trim)

Hi loves!

I had a major trim in September, where I cut off two Inches off my ends. My ends needed a major trim because of the dye job lol and also I wasn’t able to stick to my regimen (expecially for color treated hair). Had a lot of breakage, tangles, brittle ends, split ends (you know how terrible that feels??? Like a heartbreak 😄). (Phew)

If the ends are not trimmed, the damage can travel farther up the shaft, causing even more damage and stunted growth.  

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My Wash Day Routine: Pre-Poo (Pre-Shampooing)

Hi curlies,

Today i’ll be showing you all something new I added to my wash Day Routine and I’m loving it big time. ( Pre-Poo) or Pre Shampoo, yes!! I’m in love with the results my Hair got after a Pre-poo treatment. You Need To Try it!!!   Continue reading!


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Wash Day: Care After Taking Out A Protective Style (Protein DC Treatment and Black Tea Rinse)

Hello guys. Hope your all well and happy?!

Will be showing you guys how I treat my hair and wash it after taking down a Protective Style. This post contains different pictures at different times. But this is my Routine, I just decided to put all in one post😉

I know wash days are so stressful for many especially after taking down a PS, but for some its nothing 😣 well this is quite simple but detailed, nothing too serious. Basically I do a black Tea Rinse and protein Deep Conditioning Treatment (Must Do) and the result was great!!!   

Before Meets After


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African Threading Method: Heatless Way To Stretch Natural Hair  

Hello guy! 

Hope your having a fab day? Yes i know you are 😉.

Im showing you guys how to deal with shrinkage!! Yaay! Yes!… If you think your hair aint growing girl try stretching it with african threading and you’l be woowed!! 


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