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Hi guys, I’m back with another wash day post featuring a Nigerian brand (Afrorootsnaturals). Continue reading!

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Super Quick and Easy Wash Day Routine + HowTo Style

Hi Guys!! I’m showing you a quick and easy way to pass your wash day with no stress lol.  My hair felt so good after and I loved it.

Click below to watch! (Watch in HD) Enjoy! 

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Thanks and stay Blessed!


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Deal With Shrinkage: Heatless Way To Stretch Natural Hair

Shrinkage is a sign of healthy natural hair, you must learn to embrace and love it  

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Complete Wash Day Routine With NO Store Bought “Natural Hair Product”

Hi curly friends!!! You don’t have to break your pocket to have a successful wash day. I had an emergency wash day without my products cus I wasnt with them, my hair was overdue for cleansing (over a month) because I have been busy. I decided to share my experience with you all cus It went perfectly well.

Before (dull,Dry , frizzy) meets After (shiny, moisturized and curly)

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