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Ayurvedic Hair Care Treatment To Maximize Hair Growth “Herb Powders and Oils” 

What is this Ayurvedic thing I’m seeing everywhere though😁😞 ??? What does it do?? Where is it from? How do i get it??? How do I prepare it?? Does it work???? What are Some “local” names.??

Well guys all your questions and more will be answered today…. I also had all these questions running through my head, then I decided to search the internet for this topic. Here it is 😀

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African Threading Method: Heatless Way To Stretch Natural Hair  

Hello guy! 

Hope your having a fab day? Yes i know you are 😉.

Im showing you guys how to deal with shrinkage!! Yaay! Yes!… If you think your hair aint growing girl try stretching it with african threading and you’l be woowed!! 


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