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 Twist-Out On Type 4c Natural Hair with Shea Butter 

Hello All, been a while here. Im back with something I call the “Messy Twist-Out” cus its not too defined but beautiful. So if you don’t get your twist out soo defined dearie, dont be sad just style it and rock it cus its beautiful!!! 😘 



The Back “its windy lol”

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Textured Bun With Twisted Bangs

Hi curliesss, 

Hope you all are having a Fab day??!!! 
Today I’l be showing you guys a very Simple And Quick style. This style was inspired by a good friend of mine, Dumebi of growgrowinggrown a fellow 4c natural hair blogger with gorgeous styles 😍  (see her picture below)

 Girls Go Check Her Out @  Growgrowinggrown.blogspot.nl 

 She called it a “Textured Bun with Curly Front”… When I saw her picture, I fell in love with this style and had to recreate it. She got her bang/fringe curls from perm roding but mine is a twist-out.   

Textured Bun with curly Fringe/bangs

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