Twist-Out On Type 4c Natural Hair with Shea Butter 

Hello All, been a while here. Im back with something I call the “Messy Twist-Out” cus its not too defined but beautiful. So if you don’t get your twist out soo defined dearie, dont be sad just style it and rock it cus its beautiful!!! 😘 



The Back “its windy lol”



Products Used For Twisting:

– KinkyCurly Knot Today leave in conditioner (just a dime on my whole hair)

– Massaged my Scalp with Vitamin E Oil  

Shea butter “the twisting cream”

 I twisted on freshly washed hair, I used this rinse out conditioner for shrinkage when I washed.


Twisting Process:

  1. Massaged my scalp with vit E oil, Detangled damp hair with little leave in conditioner.
  2. Seperated into 4 sections.
  3. On one section I started twisting, piece by piece, before I twist, I brush the little piece out and apply shea butter on it, enough to get to the tips, Brush again then twist.  Note: basically I twisted my hair with only shea butter. 😊

    two strand twist it all up

  4. Complete all the sections, and your done! 

Take Down Process:

  1. My hair was oily so I didn’t have to add oil to my fingers to take down the twists.
  2. Untwisted all. 

    Separate into two

  3. Separated them till I got the fullness I desired. Note: you can seperate a little less if you want more definition unlike me 😊  
  4. Fluffed my Roots with a pick/Afro Comb.  
  5. Applied gel to my edges, pined one side with bobby pins. voila, I’m done!           

Watch video of this hair HERE

You can make your own whipped shea butter twisting cream with shea butter, any oil of choice and a little styler gel (optional). Whip till fluffy and use as a twisting cream. Very great!!! 😍

Day two Look

I slept on a satin pillowcase. The next day I fluffed the roots and arranged a bit. I loved the way it looked tapered. 😊 

frizzy lol



Hope you enjoyed this tutorial? Let me know what you think, how you twist your hair, or if you’ve used shea butter as a twisting cream in the comments. 

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Thanks and stay blessed! 😘


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13 responses to “ Twist-Out On Type 4c Natural Hair with Shea Butter 

  1. AmokeADE

    Nice! We’re prolly rocking the same hairstyle at the moment *big grin*, although I’m transitioning, for about 6months now and my growth keeps wowing me. I was going through a blog, by ‘Dumebi’ I think you recommended that blog, there’s a feature on there of a naturalista who barely uses products on her hair, she also said not everybody has to go to the extreme in caring for their hair. I’d like to know what you think of this cuz it might be a bad good news for me considering I don’t have the resources(time and all) for caring. Thank you Ellen.


    • Thanks dear 😄
      About the blog post on dumebi’s wall, yes you don’t have to go extreme in treating your hair or buying products. Thats why you should know your hair and what it requires. Some naturals just do basic care (wash and deep condition) and that keeps their hair healthy and long. You don’t have to buy all the oils and products. If your hair doesn’t need it then you don’t have to do it. Two heads of hair are different. Know your hair and Work with what works for you, you don’t have to follow the routine everyone follows. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Daphnie Gold

    The take down process is always the issue for me tho… Lol. But urs looks just right, more practice and il be better at it. Keep it coming😙


  3. Finally found your blog. Love the twistout!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. My hair is so short, I just did my big chop. Am a customer service person, can’t carry my natural hair without curls to work because of d nature of my job.
    What product can I use to achieve full curls please.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. nafisah

    Its so pretty!!!


  6. Bawse

    So cute.. Ur tint,how often do u tint and have heard so much about it cutting hair.. How do i keep my hair nice and tinted?


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