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#BNFroFriday: “Love your hair and it will Love you back!” YouTuber and Nurse Ellen Atulomah shares her Natural Hair Journey on BN Beauty

Hi dolls, just incase you missed it, check out my interview on Bella Naija for BNFroFriday 👏🏽Get to know more about my natural hair journey!! show some love guys ! ❤️💞 

Click HERE to read, Enjoy!

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Curl Inspiration: Ellen

Hi loves, I was featured for Curl Inspiration by Naturalnimi, xoxo. Check out her blog posts, show some love ❤️

Natural Nimi


Beautiful Ellen is our Curl Inspiration of the month! 

Hi I’m Ellen, a Nigerian. I’m a Nurse, a natural hair Enthusiast. I bake and cook too 😄. I have a natural hair and beauty channel on BBM and YouTube and also a Blog, I provide lots of hairstyling tutorials, hair treatments and talk about products, hair care, tips for healthy natural hair,  etc and also share my food recipes. My hair type is 4C 

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Growth & Retention Challenge 2017

Hi dolls! Our Growth and Retention Challenge starts today 12 January, 2017 yaay! 

This challenge focuses on proper hair care, healthy hair care regimens and length retention. Many challenges focus on growing hair quickly and as rapidly as possible while neglecting that length retention is the key to achieving your hair goals! Hair Retention is Keeping the hair you grow!  Continue reading!


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Eggs & Mayonnaise DON’T Work As A Natural Protein Treatment

Happy New Year Loves! 

Many women know and love the egg and mayonnaise treatment because it’s easy, affordable, and it’s a way to get a quick dose of protein. But did you know that the protein in your eggs and mayo don’t work like that? Continue reading!


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Wash Day Featuring Tando Beauty “Product Review”

Hi loves, Happy Holidays! 

Today is wash day, yaaay! I will be using a new hair care line sent to me for review, I’m excited because it’s a Nigerian brand.  Continue reading!


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Onion Juice Treatment For Rapid Growth & Strong Hair

When I heard of this treatment I was like “hmmm nahhh” but wait! Hold up! Surprisingly It works!!! How?  Continue reading!


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Scalp Exfoliation For Natural Hair

Hi loves! I’m back again!!! Yaay! Lol. 
 OMG! it’s so dry out there cus of harmattan/ winter season, where you find yourself scratching your scalp like crazy. Continue reading!


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My Hair Regimen


I wash my hair biweekly. 


    Continue reading!


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Complete Wash Day Routine With NO Store Bought “Natural Hair Product”

Hi curly friends!!! You don’t have to break your pocket to have a successful wash day. I had an emergency wash day without my products cus I wasnt with them, my hair was overdue for cleansing (over a month) because I have been busy. I decided to share my experience with you all cus It went perfectly well. 


Before (dull,Dry , frizzy) meets After (shiny, moisturized and curly)

Continue reading!


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Hi ladies? Ever wondered the difference between a protein treatment, deep conditioner and a hair mask?? I have too, so I got researching. Let’s start with deep conditioning. 

  Continue reading!


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